Constanci Product Information Manager

Unified product console for product, sales, and finance to manage rapid product launches and experiment with pricing strategy

The Constanci Product Information Manager is for companies that want to experiment with multiple product packages, pricing options, and billing frequencies for their subscriptions. The Constanci Product Information Manager enables the companies to rapidly launch products and pricing, without SKU proliferation, so that they can establish scalable recurring revenue. The prebuilt CRM, sales and billing application integration allows automation of orders, payments, and billing across systems without lengthy delays and burdensome manual processes.


  • Intuitive and unified management of product, pricing, and billing options
  • Experimentation with different pricing scenarios  and billing frequency
  • Rapid product penetration with trials, promotional, introductory pricing functionality
  • Smart information capture to make products easily searchable for sale with accurate information on invoice
  • Analytics for data driven decision making for product pricing
  • Smart data model extensions and prebuilt integration with existing CRM systems and billing systems
Constanci Stripe-Salesforce Connector


  • Product Catalog Definition
  • Pricing Methods : Flat, Per Seat, Tiered, Usage, Volume, One-Time 
  • Promotions: Free trial, introductory pricing, coupons, discounts
  • Billing Frequency: Onetime, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual, Annual
  • Sync with Salesforce, stripe


  • Build price experimentation as a competitive advantage with rapid product launches
  • Rapid product penetration with trials, promotional, introductory pricing functionality
  • Intuitive and highly flexible definition for product and pricing
  • Prevent SKU and price book proliferation
  • High adoption with minimal to no process change