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Offering flexibility with business model and process changes: Taking the pain and the complexity out of revenue operations and improving payment acceptance rates with stripe platform

Upcoming Webinar December 8, 2022 09:00 AM PST


In the current economic environment, revenue efficiency and cost of operations are paramount. Commerce and finance teams are laser focused on improving processes and optimizing the revenue tech stacks. Failed payments mean headaches for customers and lost opportunities for you. Introducing new business models, payment methods, Reconciliation across systems requires effort and is complex resulting in customer issues. The goal is to do more with less.

In 2020, G Adventures, along with its peers in the global tourism industry, experienced a significant upheaval with the onset of the pandemic. Travel slowed down around the world, and trips were canceled or changed. Even when countries began to reopen for travel, a high level of uncertainty remained. 

The goal is to do more with less.  In this webinar you will learn how G Adventures implemented business model and process changes to give customers flexibility around changing travel options, receiving credits, and rebooking when ready.

Speakers will cover below topics:

  • Optimize revenue by improving authorization rates
  • How to set up your subscription or recurring revenue business
  • How to easily adjust and update different types of recurring billing models
  • Manage your order flow for a smoother customer experience
  • Leverage Metadata to build integrated processes for seamless reconciliation and revenue operations


  • Product Catalog Sync between Salesforce and stripe
  • Pricing Methods : Flat, Per Seat, Tiered, Usage, Volume, One-Time
  • Subscription Lifecycle Management : Free Trials, New, Amendments and Schedule changes from Add-On, Co-Term, and Cancellation, Renewals
  • Discounting & Approval Process in Salesforce
  • Proration and coterming of add on sales to the original term and single future renewal
  • Payment & Invoice Links

Featured Speakers

Les Liddell
VP Global Technology
G Adventures is the pioneer of community tourism and is one of the biggest adventure travel companies in the world, running approximately 600 thoughtfully designed small group adventures in more than 100 different countries that directly benefit the communities in each of its destinations.

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